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presenting yourself in a new school on the first day like



Forget skinny, and work out. a We Heart It-on - http://weheartit.com/entry/111263261


Monday: Ran 4.50 miles in 34:38; walked .50 miles the rest of the way home

Tuesday: Ran 3.63 miles in 30:00

6.5—.25 miles

7.0—.25 miles

7.5—.25 miles

8.0—.25 miles

—-1.00 mile!! Repeat until you wanna stop!

The last 5 minutes (25:00-30:00) I just sprinted 6.5-8.2 until I got the 3.63. Just do what you can :)

Hello lovers

So my life these past few days. HA!

Thursday-Sunday kinda just partied like a rockstar hahaha thursday was bar because we were supposed to have a kickball game, but it got cancelled. So what do you do? Obviously go to the bar. So we went to the bar, met this kid Jeff, he’s kinda cool :) and then went to our friend Dave’s house for a party where I died because I was so tired. Passed out and then went to Nick’s and slept over

Friday-Woke up, dance party with Nick in his family room, worked out, doggie walk on the canal with Christina for 2 miles, pretty much spent the whole day outside. It was so stupid freakin’ nice out. Like 80. It’s fine. That night we were supposed have a bonfire, but peeps bailed. Aka just move the party somewhere else! So we hung out at Daves. Some of our friends were like “BAR!” And me, Christina, Dave, Ben, and Angelo were like “Why spend money and dress up for the bar when you can just split a 30 and a bottle and wear pajamas?” Hence what we did. Played cards against humanity and then went on an adventure in an abandon building. Quite epic. 

Saturday-Woke up. Had to go to work. Worked 9-2:30. Got a text about day drinking, but it turned into me taking a nap until 8:30 PM and then heading over to oh wait Dave’s again. Beer pong, cards against humanity, oh and died. I didn’t even make it out of the house. 

Sunday: Woke up. East breakfast with Dave and Angelo. Mimosa’s, bloody mary’s, waffles, eggs, obnoxious behavior, and skipped back to the car. Then someone saw us lol my life. Day drank on the porch. Went to my aunt’s for easter, and then out to a restaurant  with my mom, uncle, and sister. Then back to Dave’s where we drank outside, listened to music, chilled, more people came over and had a jam sesh. I stayed the night because I realized by the time I was ready to go home it was midnight and this kid Jeff that I met Thursday and I were really hitting it off. We stayed up until 4AM just talking. Legit deep conversation. It was awesome. 

Today-Work then going out with Jeff tonight. :) Boom

selfies, coffee, and my favorite sweater❤️ #sweaterweather #coffee #pearls #work #selfie


Happy Earth day everyone!!!

Lea Michele Alphabet: C → Cory Monteith (R.I.P)

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This guy was literally wearing an Oprah hoodie

wow i cant believe u go to school with josh peck


Out of control like a surge of electric (x)

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