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y’all r gettin way too accurate with these it’s scaring me

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I love dogs so much oh my god

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That moment you realize you are Edmund

he almost gets them killed because he wants sweets

we’re still Edmund

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When it comes down to it, I let them think what they want. If they care enough to bother with what I do, then I’m already better than them.
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My thought process while running is 98% what I want to eat after I’m done and 2% how much I like butts.

My running playlist was bomb bt dubs

Stretched and started my run:

  • Avicii—Wake Me Up
  • Jamie N Commons & X Y Ambassadors—Jungle
  • LMFAO—I Am Not A Whore
  • Eddy Grant—Electric Avenue
  • Martin Solveig & The Cataracs feat Kyle—Hey Now
  • Glee Cast—Hungry Like A Wolf Rio
  • Flo-Rida—Get Low
  • Lil’ John feat LMFAO—Outta Your Mind
  • Hollywood Undead—Coming back Down (American Tragedy Redux

Cool Down:

  • Eminem—Not Afraid

Whatever is bolded really pumped me up during my run. Also when hearing songs I just love to imagine like dance routines in my head which keeps me going and like the audience just in awe of my awesome hip hop dance moves lol even though I haven’t danced in about 10 years. A girl can dream :)

Also, EVERYONE DOWNLOAD THE JUNGLE SONG. It grew on me and when I heard it on my run I was like “wtf is this?” because I forgot that I downloaded it free off of Itunes. It’s just dark and like creepy, but the beat is good!